Authors for Indies Day… Coming to a Bookstore Near You on Saturday May 2nd, 2015

Authors For Indies Day

I’m delighted to be supporting Authors for Indies on Saturday May 2nd, 2015. Independent bookstores have always pleased my senses and filled me with hope. There’s that slightly earthy smell of ink, paper, and glue when one first opens the door. I usually pause, take a breath, and then register the quiet. Only then do I take in the lively colours and graphics that distinguish one book from another. It’s later, as I pick up items of interest, that I register the embossing of paper covers and the feathery edges of first editions.

But it’s the quiet that I welcome. It gives me the mental space to wander and explore the stacks with no sense of hurry. Conversation, if it’s happening, is usually subdued. The upshot is that I concentrate on the moment and allow myself to be absorbed by possibility… by the titles that may extend the boundaries of my knowledge and experience.

That’s where the hope lies. Each new book fills me with the expectation of accomplishing some new thing. Appreciation. Understanding. Skill. Seldom have I been disappointed. There is always something to learn.

Lately, I have been purchasing books for young nephews, nieces and god-children. I can count on the staff in independent stores to guide me toward authors whom I have not yet encountered… authors who will excite young imaginations and extend their boundaries. I have come to realize that this process of reading-learning-discussing is a cycle, a tradition to be handed on, and that too fills me with hope.

On Saturday May 2nd, please plan to visit your local independent bookstore to let the proprietor know how much you appreciate the contribution the store makes to literary life in the community. I will be at one of my favorites, Bryan Prince Bookseller between 12:00-2:00 and look forward to discussing books with you.