Independent Book Sellers – We say “Thank you!”

Authors for Indies poster outlines

I’m stoked for our upcoming, cross Canada, Authors for Indies book fest!  On Saturday May 30th, authors will be congregating in their local book stores for a national shout-out to independent booksellers.  This day is our way of saying, “THANK YOU!” to the people who hand sell our books to you.

In Hamilton-Burlington area the participating booksellers are: Bryan Prince, Different Drummer and Epic Books. Authors will be on-site for a few hours chatting with customers and acting as guest booksellers — a risky business for this author who is likely to purchase more books than she sells! At Bryan Prince, authors will also be doing flash readings from a favorite book. My choice is Fifteen Dogs by André Alexis. Do drop by. I’ll be at Bryan Prince between 12:00 and 2:00.