I am a Canadian author who writes about the things that worry me. Just ask my sons—I worry a lot. But I seldom lose sleep. That’s because I tussle with the issues that could keep me awake and tease them apart—thread by thread—until I can weave them into stories that I understand. My readers say that I engage, entertain, and challenge them. Autumn’s Grace, my first novel, which addresses palliative care is available in print and electronic formats at Chapters-Indigo, Amazon, All Lit Up, and through my publisher, Inanna Publications.

My second novel wrestles with my worries about aging and health care. The story is told through conversations among four seventy-something women who are fit, healthy and irreverent as they tackle a seemingly impossible project. These ladies went AWOL for two years after my head collided with a cement overhang in December 2014. They returned, noisy and opinionated, in January 2017. I was delighted. This manuscript recently spent a month with a fine editor. It’s now in revision. Stay tuned. The search for a publisher will begin later this fall.

My third novel is in its early stages of development. And yes, it too is about something that worries me—literacy. I have created a bright, eight year-old boy with whom I adore spending time. His name is Joey. He came to me at a workshop with Tawni Waters in San Miguel, but the after-effects of a second concussion (October 2017) meant that he immediately hid from creative access. Joey returned, once again, in San Miguel. This time he stayed through a five day seminar conducted by Jennifer Clement, and accompanied me back to Canada. I am enormously grateful for the magic of San Miguel and the talented writers who led me to this third project.