“Dare To Dream Of Better Endings”

The spring/summer issue of the Bloomberg School of Nursing Alumni magazine, Pulse, is devoted to death and dying. The authors, all nurses,  are eloquent and compassionate. Their comments underscore my motivation for having written Autumn’s Grace.

Dean Sioban Nelson notes that “until we see death and dying as part of the continuum of care, Canada will remain a poor place to die”.  I concur. We need to”lift our game”.

I am so proud of my alma mater for starting the conversation within the Faculty of Nursing and the alumni community.

Read the spring/summer edition of Pulse at http://bloomberg.nursing.utoronto.ca/news-events/pulse-magazine

2 thoughts on ““Dare To Dream Of Better Endings”

  1. What a great resource you’ve put together! I’m also working on a similar resource and would love to speak with you, Bonnie. Please email me when you have a chance. Thanks!

    • Hello Mario,
      Thank you for your note. The resource is meant to be a beginning. I would be interested to see what you have done by way of collecting resources.
      Best regards,

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