The Ciras’ Event – Sunday December 1, 2013

On Sunday December 1st, 2013,  RoseMarie and Joe Cira, hosted a wine and cheese event bringing together friends from their school and professional lives, and from St Basil’s Church.  I have been surprised (and delighted!) by friends’ who want to celebrate the publication of Autumn’s Grace. I think it is because writing is a solitary process. When work finally becomes public, often after years of work, a writer most likely has her head down tapping away at the next project. Thank you to my friends who have given me the opportunity to pause and celebrate. You put the smile on my face!

The Ciras' Event 006The Ciras' Event 004The Ciras' Event 011 The Ciras' Event 010 The Ciras' Event 009The Ciras' Event 007The Ciras' Event 005The Ciras' Event 003 The Ciras' Event 002 The Ciras' Event 001

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