The Neighbours’ Book Club

2014-05-05 08.02.58 If I could have my dream promotion for Autumn’s Grace it would be called “The Across Canada Book Club Tour”. I love meeting with Book Clubs! It’s like being in a seminar with people who really want to be there. They’re stoked! Invariably I come away from  a Book Club feeling more informed, and eager to get back to the process of writing. I also leave these events feeling astonished and grateful that people are reading about the thing that worried me enough to keep my butt in a chair and fingers on the keyboard for hours at a time.

The Neighbours’ Book Club on Monday May 5th was one of these delightful evenings. I had come prepared with a pad of paper to take down their questions and comments (a learning from the Ruff Reader’s Book Club), but the questions began as soon as we sat down, and before I had collected my thoughts and calmed my nerves. I left with empty pages. However, I did remember two comments toward the end of the meeting:

  • Forget planning your funeral; plan your end-of-life care!
  • We can do better.

These two observations, and the ensuing discussion  stayed with me for the week and have become the focus of  the May 10th posting on my web-site. Thank you to all members of The Neighbours’ Book Club for your insights and questions.

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