The Ruff Readers Book Club – Hamilton – March 5, 2014

January-March 2014 008

I left the Ruff Readers Book Club meeting this past Wednesday feeling grateful and wishing that I had brought my husband along. He could have taken notes because these readers were prepared. They came with their questions recorded in notebooks. I will admit to being impressed… and anxious. It’s been some time since I have read Autumn’s Grace (reviewing the galleys in April does not count as a read), so I was worried that I would not be able to answer their questions. We discussed palliative care, health care, sibling relationships and assisted suicide.

I had two questions for the group. The first one was: What did you take away from the book? I liked the answer: Hope. There is always a reason for hope. The next question was:  Did you feel empowered by Autumn’s Grace? Their answer: No. A better word would be ‘enlightened’. I could not be happier; enlightenment is a stage on the way to empowerment. It makes me have hope for quality end of life care.

Thank you Ruff Readers for a fine evening of conversation.


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  1. John Buxton

    Hello Bonnie,

    I have just read your comments about the Ruff Readers Book Club. Also I was enlightened to read their comments about your book Autumn Grace.

    This book is now on my Must Read list.

    By the way, my 10 year old Grandaughter’s name is Autumn Grace.

    Thank you once again!

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